I will not forget one line of this.
Not one day. I swear.


"I’ve made my choice a long time ago…"

"In your dreams I’ll still be there, The Doctor and Amy Pond."

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Eleven’s Regeneration (& The Issues some people had)


I’ve heard some complaints about the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration. Fans suggest that it was too quick and not a proper send off. Others say that it wasn’t as poingt as it should’ve been. That there was a better way of doing it. Or that it wasn’t hardly as sad and emotional as Nine’s or Ten’s.

I’m going to have to disagree. And here’s why:

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Why “Raggedy Man, Goodnight” was the best line that Amelia Pond has ever uttered:


Because it’s the end of a bedtime story. The story of a little girl who waited in a garden and grew up to be one of the most remarkable women in the universe. The story of a woman who was forever seared onto the hearts of a raggedy man, who never forgot her. Even after she was gone, it was all still a story…a story in his head. And that’s okay. Because it was a good one. Because it was the best. This is the story of our raggedy doctor, and this is how it ends. 

doctopus asked: OH MAN SAME last night's episode was super disappointing fuck u moffat i really wanted moffat to leave before matt regenerated because i still couldn't love matt's doctor with moffat controlling him :'(

Moffat just needs like a story-telling class or something, I dunno. I really do respect Moffat and his efforts as head-writer, but really this past season and this final bow for Matt Smith was… lackluster. I feel like Moffat peaked when the Pond’s left. Thank god for Matt Smith’s acting, and really Jenna’s acting and everyone else, because they pulled that episode off. 

nerdykirby asked: I agree with you 100% about the episode, it was absolutely terrible writing. I honestly feel like it was disrespectful to Matt, for his farewell episode to be such a piece of shit.

The only good part of the episode was like the last 15-20 minutes, because Moffat knows how to write some kick-ass speeches, and I felt that Eleven’s regeneration speech was not only true to Eleven but maybe even true to Matt Smith. Everything prior to those final moments though, was not up to par and it just irks me. 

There was so much potential for Trenzalore and the town called Christmas and Barnable, but no, it was all like half developed and just… *sigh* I’m still really confused like wtf is Trenzalore.